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Ahousat Hot Springs

Ahousat Hot Springs

Ahousat Hot Springs is a tourist destination with therapeutic uses for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Clear and tasteless water, room temperature, and excellent atmosphere put the hot springs into one of the most splendid sites for a relaxing experience. Soaking in hot springs despite several therapeutic benefits they have should be done by considering health conditions.
Tofino Hot Springs Cove

Tofino Hot Springs Cove

If you're a land and water adventurer and you struggle with boring vacations, then you need the pleasure of relaxing in hot water and let nature touch your soul. Get better results with Tofino Hot Springs Cove, a natural geothermal hot spring with an ocean view. Enjoy watching wildlife species and an old-growth forest. Do water activities by taking the Tofino Hot Springs Cove path.

Vancouver Island Hot Springs

If you are a fan of relaxation and soaking in hot water and need to add more nature to your regular spa, natural hot springs can suit your taste. Vancouver Island has several hot springs. The most famous Vancouver Island hot spring is the Hot Springs Cove, considered the best hot spring in Canada.
Hot springs that come to the surface due to cracks in the earth's crust are always considered for therapeutic uses, rejuvenating, and relaxation. Some of Vancouver Island's hot springs are located in pristine areas, which give you an incredible adventure. Spending time in nature, along with the tranquillity you get from the springs, multiplies the journey's pleasure. After hiking in the area and crossing the woods, what kind of reward can you receive from nature better than the relaxation of Vancouver Island hot springs? While you are around Vancouver Island hot springs, you have a chance for wildlife sightings. You may plan for a day trip or camping for an overnight adventure.
Water comes to the earth's surface at different temperatures. The temperature of hot springs can be between 20°C and 50°C. To be able to enjoy them, it must be in a safe range. Almost a boat ride or flight is necessary to access Vancouver Island hot springs. You may not find all the facilities and services nearby, so please wear appropriate walking shoes and bring a bathing suit and towel. You may need sandals or water shoes. Prepare the right equipment according to the weather conditions.
It will be interesting to share the pleasure of the geothermal spring of Vancouver Island with your family.

Natural Hot Springs on Vancouver Island

Hot spring Cove, which is located on a remote area of Vancouver Island's coast, is one of the best-known natural hot springs on the island. It is considered the finest in Canada.

Hot Springs with Waterfalls on Vancouver Island

Hot Spring Cove offers a warm waterfall with fantastic hot pools. And another positive point is that the hot spring is year-round and all ages can enjoy that.

Vancouver Island Hot Springs Common Questions and Answers

The average water temperature of Vancouver Island hot springs is around 50°C (122°F).
The warmer water than your body's temperature will raise your temperature, whether it's a bath, hot springs, or hot tub. Your body temperature shouldn't rise above 39°C (102.2°F) during pregnancy.
Hot-spring water is usually relatively safe from the standpoint of carrying disease-causing organisms. Still, some are not, and the surface water that cools a hot spring to usable temperatures will be prone to the same pathogens and bugs as any other surface water.
Yes, Tofino Hot Springs offers beautiful waterfalls beside hot springs.
Generally, there isn't any problem, but the hot spring space may not be enough for swimming.
Ahousat Hot Springs, Dewar Creek Hot Springs, and Hot Springs Cove are some of the best and hidden hot springs of Vancouver Island.
No, frequently, all of the Vancouver Island hot springs are natural.
Although hot springs can be dangerous for children of any age but 3-year-old may be begging you to let them play in the hot tub.
It totally depends on the water temperature, and it's different from 5 to 40 minutes. If the hot spring water temperature is 42°C (107.6°F), you shouldn't soak longer than 5 minutes. If it's 36°C (96.8°F), you can stay for up to 40 minutes.
Sunscreen, ample towels, quarters, flip flops, goggles, and pool toys are the common things you need to enjoy from the hot spring completely.

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