Vancouver Island Snowmobiling

Snowmobiling or motor sledding is a winter recreational activity doing by motorized vehicles on snow. Snowmobiles are considered one of the off-road vehicle (ORV) types. Vancouver Island provides hundreds of kilometres of logging roads that are convenient for snowmobiling purposes, a combination of exploration and sightseeing.
Winter adventure on Mount Washington has no boundaries. However, snowmobiling does not require a road or trail; the old logging roads provide favourable conditions for you to reach hundreds of kilometres in remote forests and mountains. You can ride on snowmobiles in undiscovered panoramic areas to explore distant valleys and peaks. Mount Adrian is above Buttle Lake and is known as one of the highest locations on Vancouver Island. Mount Adrian offers spectacular trails for snowmobiling and other winter activities. Rentals are available around Courtenay and Campbell River city. Breathtaking scenery and endless trails make the Mount Cain snowmobiling adventure much more fantastic.

Snowmobiling Common Questions and Answers

It is a motorized vehicle made for winter transportation and recreational purposes on snow and ice.
In 1935, a mechanic from Quebec named Joseph-Armand Bombardier designed the first snowmobile.
Mount Adrian, Mount Cain, Mount Washington, and Bacon Lake
Usually, it starts in mid-December and goes on until the end of April.
Snowmobiling is not a high-risk activity. However, it is necessary to avoid high speed, careless actions, and safety rules for riding.
According to ICBC, ORV registration with number plate display is mandatory on Crown land, including resource roads. An off-road vehicle is designed for off-highway use and does not meet safety standards for on-highway use. In the event that you want to operate your off-road vehicle on a highway, you will need to register, get a plate, a licence and insurance. You'll need a valid driver's licence to operate an ORV on public roads, highways and on forest service roads.
Snowmobile suits, layers of clothing, socks and boots, gloves, headgear, goggles, sunglasses or visors
No minimum age is required to ride a snowmobile on Crown Land. For more safety, it is better to be strong enough to drive and control a snowmobile.
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Mount Adrian Snowmobiling

Mount Adrian Snowmobiling

As one of the highest points of Vancouver Island, Mount Adrian offers great snowmobiling, among other winter activities. It has two summits that feature Strathcona Provincial Park in every direction—looking for a place to have winter excitement? Nowhere is better than Mount Adrian.

Mount Cain Snowmobiling

Mount Cain Snowmobiling

Mount Cain is one of the pioneer points for snowmobiling in Vancouver Island for modern snowmobile engines. The good news is that snowmobiling in Mount Cain full of endless excitement, and you can enjoy the rare beauty of its nature while surfing the snow.

Mount Washington Snowmobiling

Mount Washington Snowmobiling

Snowmobilers and sledding enthusiasts have the chance to go snowboarding in the morning and waterskiing in the afternoon. The warm dressing is critical during snowmobiling in Mount Washington. Besides, the fantastic view there is fabulous for photography.

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