Vancouver Island Snowboarding

Snowboarding as a winter adventure is a recreational and competitive activity. It requires descending snow-covered slopes while standing on a snowboard. Vancouver Island has favourable conditions for snowboarding with its steep mountains, rounded and snowy hills, and aesthetic features. You can spend long hours doing winter aerobic sports like snowboarding and keep yourself fit.
If the weather is calm and proper, you can experience the skating-style and double-track cross-country trails around Mount Washington. There are a series of loops, 3 to 12 km (1.8 - 7.4 miles) long, for training across the Paradise Meadows from this range. You can try the Lake Trail Loop and the Upper West Trail for some of the best cross-country terrain around Mount Washington. Mt. Washington's Snowboard Park also challenges the most skilled snowboarders. The park includes 2 Terrain Parks and a half-pipe maintained with a pipe. Mount Cain Ski Resort is the only Vancouver Island park with a ski and snowboard facility. JumpCamp is a non-profit snowboarding camp. It is suitable for all age groups with varying levels of ability. This camp is indeed the birthplace of snowboarding on Vancouver Island.
Wherever you choose for snowboarding on Vancouver Island, always remember the safety tips. Check the weather condition and have the proper gear. As you are sharing the trail with others, watch out to avoid collisions.

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Mount Cain Snowboarding

Mount Cain Snowboarding

Mount Cain Ski Resort is a snow-capped location on the northern part of Vancouver Island, in which you can experience a new sense of winter activities, snowboarding in particular. It boasts a wide range of snowboarding facilities, and skis, poles, helmets and boots are rented near Mount Cain and are available at nearby ski shops.

Mount Washington Snowboarding

Mount Washington Snowboarding

As the second busiest winter recreational destination in BC, Mt. Washington Ski Resort in Comox Valley offers a wide range of snowboarding facilities. Mountain climbing enthusiasts who choose Mount Washington for snowboarding have the chance to look across the Strait of Georgia and other spectacular views, such as the Strathcona Provincial Park region.

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