Vancouver Island Lakes

Are you searching for a place to spend a delightful weekend while camping on a shoreline? Vancouver Island is home to many lakes, whether natural or man-made, and every corner of it is saturated with natural wonders.
Lakes are bodies of water that move slowly or are still. For those interested in spending their time in a quiet environment, it is a good suggestion. You can find this tranquillity around Vancouver Island lakes, many of which are freshwater lakes. Kennedy Lake is the largest, and Nimpkish Lake is the deepest lake on Vancouver Island. On Central Island, Buttle Lake is surrounded by multiple campgrounds providing all facilities to make your stay memorable.
Due to the proximity of most Vancouver Island lakes to parks, ranges, and forests, there would be various activities nearby a lake. Experience merely all types of water activities, other recreations, and family adventures such as fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, diving, water-skiing, camping, and windsurfing.
Lakes almost cover a large area and often affect the local climate. If you plan to swim in these water holes, keep in mind that the water temperature is lower at deeper levels. The surface of some lakes on Vancouver Island might partly freeze in winter. Lakes are a significant part of nature that affects the ecosystem. They are also food sources and homes for some creatures. That's why you can experience wildlife viewing and find a variety of species around them. Each lake on Vancouver Island is stocked with fish annually. Fishing on Vancouver Island is a full-season activity but always check the fishing reports. Boat fishing enthusiasts can take a boat, canoe, or kayak almost on all Vancouver Island lakes to go in the middle and have the chance to catch trophy-size fish.
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Great Central Lake

Great Central Lake

Great Central Lake is a popular destination near Port Alberni for hot summer days. As it is nestled beneath low mountains, and secondary-growth forests mostly surround it, there is a reflection on the water, making a scenic view. Photography, boating, hiking, swimming, and camping are suggested while you are in the area. So go on the adventures and pour your heart into them.
Nanaimo Lakes

Nanaimo Lakes

It takes a short drive to Nanaimo Lakes south of Nanaimo. The pristine nature gives you a chance to stay away from technology. It is tranquil and peaceful around the lakes with scenic spots in the forest, great for a long walk or camping. The warm lake water makes it a fantastic spot for swimming and kayaking. Mountain climbing, hiking, and fishing are other possibilities.
Campbell Lake

Campbell Lake

Campbell Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes on Central Vancouver Island. The area is peaceful enough to sit on the shore or top of a mountain with a great view. The magnificent reflections of mountains and trees, specifically pine forests, on the lake create photogenic scenes and a camping hot spot. Fishing is possible all year round. Have excellent swimming at the start of summer.
Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake

Are you looking for a socially distanced escape? Sproat Lake is a lovely place to relax and do water-based activities. Despite its size and depth, the water is relatively warm, adding to its value as a destination lake to relax in the sun by the warm lake. May and April are good for steelhead, with April to June being incredibly productive for rainbow trout.
Quennell Lake

Quennell Lake

Situated between ecological reserves and parks in a peaceful area, Quennell Lake is a unique destination on south Vancouver Island, particularly for fishing lovers. It is among the top ten locations in Canada for Bass fishing. As the lake is quiet and beautiful, paddling an entire day would be great, or you can have exploration as a family or do a little exercise.
Nimpkish Lake

Nimpkish Lake

Being in nature is one of the pleasures that one can have either for his leisure time or improving knowledge. Make better use of your time visiting Nimpkish Lake, the deepest lake on Vancouver Island. Track black-tailed deer, black bears, and other animals and watch birds. Enjoy freshwater fishing, hiking, cross country skiing, and mountaineering.
Cameron Lake

Cameron Lake

It's time to meet an extraordinary lake that is not as tranquil as most of the lakes. Cameron Lake is famous for its huge winds, making it a desired place for windsurfers. The lake is an excellent family location suitable for fishing and swimming. It is a stunningly photogenic place with unique picnic areas surrounded by parks and lakes. So get the most out of your visit.
Nitinat Lake

Nitinat Lake

Let's get lost in the west coast nature and find ourselves beside a lake following the smell of the Pacific Ocean. Nitinat Lake is beyond your expectations, kiteboarding heaven and a windsurfers' choice. Cruise the cool and clean water and explore freshwater coves and inlets. Get more of your visit with Nitinat Caves and the underground world of Looper Creek Canyon.
Brewster Lake

Brewster Lake

The first step to find happiness in nature is to get connected with it. An outdoor adventure can be found anywhere, but for relaxation, rest, and tranquillity, don't skip Brewster Lake. This serene lake with mountain views is the right place for canoeing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, power-boating, or anything you expect from a beautiful lake.
Cowichan Lake

Cowichan Lake

Let's explore the second-largest lake on Vancouver Island. Cowichan Lake is the major recreational place in the Cowichan region and famous for paddling. It has some of the best hiking trails, several campsites, and chances for water-based activities. Get ready for this new experience, and we will strive to assist you in making your visit the best it can be.
Westwood Lake

Westwood Lake

Start your party in the slow-motion of a lake. Westwood Lake is a freshwater lake you can choose to visit to improve your living skills. Being in a beautiful environment, enjoying the peaceful area and doing sports or recreational activities to promotes physical and mental health considers a gift. Find your fun way to exercise out in nature by hiking and mountain biking in Westwood Lake Trail.
Horne Lake

Horne Lake

Going to Horne Lake, you would be fascinated by eye-catching spectacles and unbelievably crystal-clear water. New experiences are calling you! Explore the caves, stay at a clean campground and start adventures on your own or through guided tours. It is among the lakes that you can get water-front camping. The lake is calm and refreshing to ride a kayak.
Comox Lake

Comox Lake

Comox Lake is a trendy recreational area, a hot spot near the city of Courtenay. This freshwater lake is so wonderful that people crazy about outdoor activities, specifically hiking, swimming, and camping, can not ignore it. There are multiple trails with a lot of eye-catching nature to see. The lake's surroundings are incredible and worth visiting.
Kennedy Lake

Kennedy Lake

Are you looking for a freshwater lake near Ucluelet? Then try out Kennedy Lake! As the largest lake on Vancouver Island, it is a reward from the Pacific Rim region. If you need a day hike and enjoy the beautiful wilderness, it's NOT too late! In the heart of Kennedy Lake Provincial Park, Kennedy Lake offers kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming chances.
Buttle Lake

Buttle Lake

Are you struggling with spending a ton of time searching for the best family-friendly vacation? Then you need to visit Buttle Lake and get better results camping around it. Learn how Buttle Lake gives you an unfair advantage with camping, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing in Strathcona Provincial Park, the oldest provincial park on Vancouver Island.

Type of Lakes on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island lakes are divided into natural and man-made, and they can consist of soft-water, freshwater, saltwater, drinkable, or fjord.

Types of Fishing and Fish Species on Vancouver Island Lakes

Vancouver Island has so much to offer when it comes to fishing. You can enjoy different kinds of fisheries like kayak fishing and fly-fishing, which have popular destinations. The most common fish that you can find in Vancouver Island Lakes are Rainbow Trout, Westslope Cutthroat Trout, Coastal Cutthroat Trout, and Kokanee Salmon.


Top Twenty-Plus Lakes on Vancouver Island

1. Elk Lake
2. Shawnigan Lake
3. Quennell Lake
4. Thetis Lakes
5. Prospect Lake
6. Langford Lake
7. Long Lake
8. Comox Lake
8. St Mary Lake
9. Glen Lake
10. Holden Lake
11. Matheson Lake
12. Malaspina Lake
13. Upana Lake
14. Deserted Lake
15. Antler Lake
16. Muchalat Lake
17. Colliery Dam Lower Lake
18. Westwood Lake
19. Green Lake
20. Spider Lake
21. Chemainus Lake
22. Loon Lake

Top 10 Lakes for Fishing on Vancouver Islnad

1. Elk Lake
2. Beaver Lake
3. Green Lake
4. Spider Lake
5. Langford Lake
6. Thetis Lake
7. Colliery Dam Lower Lake
8. Westwood Lake
9. Chemainus Lake
10. Loon Lake

Top 10 Fly-Fishing Lakes on Vancouver Island

1. Maple Lake
2. Spider Lake
3. Mary Lake
4. Antler Lake
5. Beavertail Lake
6. Cowichan Lake
7. Nahmint Lake
8. Fuller Lake
9. Crabapple Lake
10. Spectacle Lake

Vancouver Island Lakes Common Questions and Answers

There ere nearly 10,000 lakes on Vancouver Island.
Kennedy Lake is located north of Ucluelet on the Island's central west coast and is the largest lake on Vancouver Island, formed chiefly by the confluence of the Clayoquot and Kennedy Rivers.
Rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and coastal cutthroat trout are on Vancouver Island lakes.
Nimpkish Lake, with 320 meters (1,050 feet) depth, is the deepest lake on Vancouver Island.
Generally, Vancouver Island lakes include natural and artificial, are divided into soft-water, freshwater, saltwater, drinkable, and fjord.
Nitinat Lake, Cameron Lake, and Nimpkish Lake are known as the windiest lakes on Vancouver Island, of course, in some particular months.
It is an out-of-mind idea because the weather temperature hardly goes even near zero, so the possibility of completely freezing a lake is very low.
Malaspina Lake, Upana Lake, Deserted Lake, Antler Lake, and Muchalat Lake are some of the best lakes for fishing on Vancouver Island.
Yes, many of Vancouver Island's lakes are located at the parks, and campgrounds, which allow you to camp near the lakes.

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