Vancouver Island

Surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean traditionally sailed by Indigenous peoples, Vancouver Island is famous for its year-round mild weather, pristine nature, and over 10,000 years of cultural history. Whether you're looking for family fun or hardcore adventure, Vancouver Island is your destination for all seasons.

Vancouver Island, the ancestral home of first peoples, showcases thousands of years of rich Indigenous cultural history.


Snowshoe in one of the most picturesque parks in Canada, dive in the deep waters of the Salish Sea or walk among giant trees, all on the same day, on Vancouver Island.


From one of the world's most iconic multi-day backcountry hikes (The West Coast Trail) to the tallest waterfalls in Canada, Vancouver Island is the playground of adventure lovers.

A Destination for All Seasons

The evergreen Vancouver Island is ripe with activities and adventures you dream of in any season. Vancouver Island is ideal for ocean-side driving from Victoria all the way to Port Hardy or for surfing the most spectacular waves on the west coast anytime during the year. Each season, however, has its own prime. Take a sunbath, pick fresh berries, or snowshoe in beautiful Strathcona when the chill sets in, Vancouver Island is a destination for all seasons.

Nature Lovers

Lose Your Mind, Find Your Soul!

Vancouver Island's Coast is home to legendary beaches. Surfing, diving, or sunbathing, Vancouver Island offers all you dream for.


While Vancouver Island's mountains are famous for winter sports and ski resorts, they are equally destinations in the warmer months.


From the giant Douglas fir trees to botanical beach gardens, Vancouver Island amazes you with the diversity of its mighty coastal forests.


Whether you are looking for little Whiskey Jacks (Canada Jay) or you want to see giant whales, Vancouver Island is your ultimate destination.


Adrenaline Kickers

An Adventure Like Never Before!

Visit the ultimate destination where you can surf the largest wave you can imagine or dive deep into the ocean.

Water-based Adventures

From the alpines of Strathcona Provincial Park to the West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island offers the most hardcore adventure you can imagine.

Land-based Adventures

Vancouver Island looks amazing from above. Kick your adrenaline with skydiving or relax hanging from a paraglider above the most scenic mountain and sea landscapes.

Sky Adventures

Although Vancouver Island is evergreen, its mountains set the stage for your most memorable winter adventure.

Winter Adventures

Family Adventurers

Endless Family Fun!

Visit Vancouver Island from a new lens. From art and culture-oriented to mountain and sea landscapes, Vancouver Island offers the most spectacular sites for you to visit.

Sight Seeing

Relax on the sands of endless beaches of Vancouver Island or swim in the freshwaters of Vancouver Island's numerous lakes. There's a reason people call Vancouver Island "Hawaii of Canada."

Fun in the Sun

With family, love is in the little things. Find thousands of little but fantastic fun things to enjoy with your family on Vancouver Island.

Family-Friendly Adventures

Tourism is known as the vehicle for experiential learning. Whether it's culture, art, or adventure, visiting Vancouver Island quenches your thirst for learning.


Culture Aficionados

Immerse Yourself in Vancouver Island’s Culture!

Explore the vibrant heritage of Vancouver Island's Indigenous peoples. From traditional art to immersive experiences, delve into millennia of stories and connections to the land.

Indigenous Culture

Dive into the island's history through diverse museums, from maritime tales to modern art movements. Engage with exhibits offering insights into the past and present.


Experience Vancouver Island's arts scene in eclectic galleries, showcasing local and international talents across various styles and mediums.

Art Galleries

Immerse in the island's vibrant cultural scene through diverse events, from music festivals to traditional celebrations, celebrating creativity and diversity.

Cultural Events