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Vanislander helps you plan for your visit and start an adventure on Vancouver Island. Whether you aim to discover mountain ranges, water attractions, green nature, or visiting wildlife, the Vanislander team is willing to suggest an unforgettable, exciting or relaxing vacation. Also, Vanislander is ready to cooperate with business owners based on Vancouver Island and introduce them on the website.

Water Attractions

Nature Lovers

Adventure Kickers

Camping on Vancouver Island


Diverse campgrounds and RV parks with spectacular ocean & ranges view

Surfing on Vancouver Island


Surf on the roaring waves and dive into some challenge or enjoy surfing the calm

Kayaking on Vancouver Island


Kayaking is one of the trend activies and always a pleasure with the loved ones

Whale watching on Vancouver Island

Whale watching

Whales run the stunning show out on the ocean; get a good view to catch them.