Minigill Cave

Minigill Cave

Minigill Cave is a hidden gem and one of the natural wonders of Vancouver Island. The entrance is a gap on a rocky ground with no signs around and is surrounded by tall trees as it is placed in a forest. The cave is suitable for professional cavers and exploring it needs equipment. The fascinating formations, stalagmites, and stalactites are what you can expect.
Nitinat Caves

Nitinat Caves

Caves teach us to face our fears. They are signs of history and are full of secrets. Nitinat Caves are a series of small and not very deep caves between Bamfield and Port Renfrew. It needs a sharp eye to find the entrance along the river. Water flows in them, and they lead you to a canyon with gem green water perfect for swimming. The caves offer you beauty and great scenes.
Florence Lake Cave

Florence Lake Cave

You may have limitations for yourself, but if you are not a beginner at cave exploring, overcome your own limits. Find a hidden gem in Langford, somewhere that few people know. Florence Lake Cave is a mystery waiting to be discovered for professional cavers. Some believe that it is the largest cave in Greater Victoria. Don't waste your time hesitating and pack your bag for a challenge.
Low Tide Sea Cave

Low Tide Sea Cave

When the water retreat, Chesterman Beach magic will show up. Be there to watch the underwater tunnels that turn to damp passageways. This hidden jewel is the Low Tide Sea Cave. While you are walking there, it almost feels like a sandy carpet on the floor. The passage to the cave is encompassed by rock walls moss-covered with trees on top. The scenery is worthy enough to be captured.
Artlish Caves

Artlish Caves

As it is said, "A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence." Did you know it takes a long process for a cave to be created? Artlish Caves is no exception. It is the largest active river cave in Canada, and the running water is why these series of caves were carved out from the ground, which is still happening. While you are inside the caves, sharpen your eyes to find bats, spiders, and other creatures in the darkness.
Coral Cave

Coral Cave

If you desire to search for hidden parts of nature to discover exciting facts, Coral Cave is a suitable option. Before stepping into it, you need to have caving skills. The beauty of the cave is doubled by the stunning rainforest that surrounded the entrance. While you are inside, you may see the flooded parts of the cave. Let's get into it to find more and realize the time effect for thousands or millions of years.
Little Huson Caves

Little Huson Caves

Are you among the curious people? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place. Knowing what could be in a cave and its end is a desire a caver can not deny. Deep inside the mountain, find the stones endured from the natural elements. The water runs deep in the caves, carving its way through the mountain and polishing the rocks' rough edges. Want to explore it for more? Plan visiting Little Huson Caves, a series of mysterious caves.
Thanksgiving Cave

Thanksgiving Cave

Devote more time, get a challenging goal for yourself, and pack your equipment. It is time to face the longest and deepest cave on Vancouver Island, Thanksgiving Cave. Caving inside this mostly tight and beautiful cave is not a beginner's suitable exploration, but for an expert caver, the adventurers' rush worth any trouble. If you are a beginner, don't worry. Tahsis is the caving capital of Canada, so you have different chances nearby.
Upana Caves

Upana Caves

Going deep into the forest is worthy enough to visit the stunning Upana Caves. Listen to the sound of a river passing by and detect several entrances with the famous one behind the spectacular Upana Caves Waterfall. Inside entrances, you may find birds' nests. Watch the evidence of years of existence by holes like the one in cheese. The stunning galleries and passages you'll explore while going down would be incredible.
Horne Lake Caves

Horne Lake Caves

Do you want to see the passage of time through the underground passages? Visit the crystal formations of Horne Lake Caves, right by Horne Lake. With about 1000 caves, it is an underground park that comes to many explorers' attention. Easy, moderate, and hard difficulty levels satisfy any novice to expert caver or spelunker. Search the dark and mysterious underground for educational or recreational purposes.

Vancouver Island Caves

If you are an explorer in the subterranean getaways, I must say that you have chosen the right area for your adventure. On Vancouver Island, you can find thousands of recorded caverns and caves. The number of them is so large that Vancouver Island is sometimes known as Caves Island. It includes significant numbers of caves in your caving (spelunking) vacations in North America. Among them is Thanksgiving Cave, the longest and deepest cave on Vancouver Island, which is located in Tahsis, the cave capital of Canada. Let's step beyond the surface and get a little into the inner layers of the earth. You may find what we do not see in your daily lives by searching in the dark. As a caver, you can see the pictographs and the shape of minerals on the walls while wearing a headlamp. You may cross waterways or have a chance to watch caves with waterfalls such as Hidden Falls or Sombrio Beach Falls. Check out beaches with caves like Low Tide Sea Cave at Chesterman Beach. Go to the darkest layers of the earth and find traces of ancient humans. Participate in Vancouver Island guided caving tours to challenge your abilities. Many Vancouver Island caves and tunnels are made of karst limestone, dolomite, or gypsum.
While planning for your caving journey, it is better to know the activity difficulty. For self-guided caves, Horne Lake Caves is one of the best on Vancouver Island. Little Huson Cave Regional Park is a good place for beginners, where you can find 15 caves, including Little Huson Caves. Whether you are a caver or spelunker, your caving adventure may require hiking and rock climbing skills. There are some easy recreational caving tours for beginners on Vancouver Island. If you don't have enough caving experience, don't choose unmapped tracks. It will be one of your first steps to bring essential caving gear and equipment with you. Try not to explore Vancouver Island's hidden caves alone because the navigation process would be hard at deeper levels. Every time you start an adventure, it is best to notify someone.

Top 10 Caves on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is one of the popular caving destinations in British Colombia. You can find the cave with a suitable difficulty level for every age on Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island caves locations are such beautiful that you can experience half of the adventure just on the way to reach them. In the following list, you can see the most famous caves on Vancouver Island.
1. Upana Caves
2. Horne Lake Caves
3. Artlish Caves Provincial Park
4. Florence Lake Cave
5. Low Tide Sea Cave
6. Thanksgiving Cave
7. Florence Lake Cave
8. Coral Cave
9. Nitinat Caves
10. Minigill Cave

Hidden Caves on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is an unimaginable place to go caving; there are over 1000 known caves on Vancouver Island, but the real number could be many more just waiting to discover. Memekay River near Comox is one place where you can enjoy exploring and finding hidden caves there. The exact location may not be found on Google Maps, but you can explore the mentioned area and find them yourself. Notice the caves' names; they may not be registered names of them.
1. Homesite Creek Caves (near Honeymoon Bay)
2. Valdes Island Caves
3. Gordon River Caves (near Honeymoon Bay)
4. Emilia Caves (north of the island, near Memekay River Valley)
5. Cave near Century Sam Lake (Alberni-Clayoquot )
6. Crystal Caves (near Menzies Bay)
7. Middle Scallop Cave (north of the island, near Memekay River Valley)
8. Peat Cave (north of the island, near Comox Valley)
9. Chicken 2 Caves (north of the island, near Memekay River Valley)

Sea Caves on Vancouver Island

There are five sea caves on Vancouver Island, and all of them offer a fantastic view from both the ocean and the cave. You can find a full mystery cave at the south corner of Chesterman Beach.
Low Tide Sea Cave, as the name shows, is visible at low tide. This cave is one of the most special sea caves in British Colombia.
San Josef Bay provides another sea cave plus an excellent area around itself at the north of Vancouver Island.
Mystic Beach at the Pacific Rim area of Vancouver Island has a unique, fabulous cave, especially when tides are low and become a great photography spot.
Also, hikers can reach Owen Point Sea Caves located near the West Coast Trail on Pacific Rim National Park, providing the tide is below 1.8 meters (5.9 ft). Surges of the Pacific Ocean have carved out magnificent caves over time, and you can enjoy seeing them.

Ice Caves on Vancouver Island

Ice caves are one the most stunning types of caves that you can find on Vancouver Island. There are different types of ice caves that you can see some of the best of them on the north and Pacific Rim area of the island. These amazing wonders of nature that hiding under the glaciers make a great scene for cavers lovers.
1. Near Century Sam Lake
2. Middle Scallop Cave
3. Peat Cave

Difficulty Level of Vancouver Island Caves

Vancouver Island has Challenging caves for experienced cavers, and the difficulty level of most of them are from moderate to hard. Beginners and inexperienced cavers should only go caving with proper training, expert guides, and also being respectful of fragile environments.
Remember, spelunking always can be dangerous, so bring the proper equipment and never caving alone.

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