Vancouver Island Snowshoeing

Almost any area you hike in the summer with enough snow and safety can be recognized as a snowshoeing area. Vancouver Island, with several ranges and hiking trails, gives you opportunities for snowshoeing. Mount Washington and Mount Cain are the most famous skiing resorts on Vancouver Island that can be used for snowshoeing. You can enjoy snowshoeing in other spots like Strathcona Provincial Park, one of Vancouver Island's winter attractions. This area provides enough terrain for your exciting exploration.
Snowshoeing is a recreational activity that, with considering safety tips, is suitable for all ages and ability levels. Before heading out for snowshoeing, get enough information about the routes, or use a guide for backcountry trekking. If you decide to snowshoe around Mount Washington and Mount Cain, equipment rentals and accommodations are available nearby. Choose snowshoes suitable to your weight and the conditions. Your necessary gear for snowshoeing includes snowshoes and attire; poles are suggested but not required. Wear suitable boots and socks, a hat and gloves, also proper layers.

Snowshoeing Common Questions and Answers

Snowshoeing refers to a kind of hiking in the snow wearing particular footwear, known as a snowshoe. Snowshoeing is a winter activity and a low-impact aerobic exercise.
It is recommended to hike at a depth of 20 cm (7.8 inches) or more to have a better snowshoeing experience. Your snowshoes would have poor functions on icy and steep trails.
About 6,000 years ago, central Asia was where the people practiced snowshoeing for the first time. From there, the early design of snowshoes was brought to North America for Canadian winters.
Several ranges, parks, and hiking trails on Vancouver Island that you use in summer give you opportunities for snowshoeing in winter. Mount Washington and Mount Cain are the most famous skiing resorts on Vancouver Island, suitable for snowshoeing.
Yes. The mellow, rounded hills and snow-carpeted meadows are where you can consider cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. You can find excellent terrain at Strathcona Provincial Park. But it is better to stay out of the ski tracks.
You can start your snowshoeing adventure in November on Vancouver Island.
If you want to choose among winter activities, snowshoeing is one of the easiest. But for hiking enthusiasts, snowshoeing is more challenging than hiking in other seasons.
Get a snowshoe suitable to your weight (and the pack you carry). Have proper clothes. Choose the location wisely and pass the permit areas. You can start at a ski resort to get enough education. Know about uphill and downhill techniques also traversing or side-hilling. Follow snowshoeing safety tips.
If you are experienced in snowshoeing, it would be a great exercise during pregnancy. Avoid snowshoeing on ski trails to reduce the risk of an accident.
Snowshoeing in ski boots will not be comfortable enough, but you can do it.
Snowshoes, warm clothes and layers, waterproof boots, poles, navigation device, drinks and foods
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Mount Cain Snowshoeing

Mount Cain Snowshoeing

Mount Cain ski resort is a suitable place for snowshoeing and a renowned destination for snowshoeing followers. Take the risk of exploring a non-patrolled wilderness area and enjoy the spectacular surroundings and natural habitat. Mount Cain has the highest base elevation of any coastal ski resort in British Columbia, Alaska, and Washington.

Mount Washington Snowshoeing

Mount Washington Snowshoeing

Being the busiest winter recreational destination in BC, Mount Washington provides you with incredible winter activities, including snowshoeing. While you are on the snow, enjoy a 360-degree panorama of the Strait of Georgia and the Sunshine Coast from Powell River to Sechelt. Moreover, several nearby resorts are ready to offer service to visitors annually.

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