Colliery Dam Park

Colliery Dam Park

Colliery Dam Park with Chase River, huge trees, Granny Falls, and two small ponds is a tranquil and wooded park. The spectacular views with some nice bridges make the park a good choice for photographers. It is possible to walk your dog off-leash at the upper dam. You can go hiking, seasonal swimming, boating, and fishing for rainbow trout.
Maffeo Sutton Park

Maffeo Sutton Park

Maffeo Sutton Park is a waterfront park with a perfect view of Nanaimo Harbour. It is a family park mainly known for its nice walking trails, playground, and picnicking areas. Swy-A-Lana Lagoon Fishing Pier is a nice spot located southeast of the park for fishing and swimming. This scenic oceanside park's Lions Pavilion Stage hosts community and musical events.
Beaufort Park

Beaufort Park

Beaufort Park is a year-round destination in Nanaimo. Each season's nature and wildlife diversity make eye-catching scenery for visitors, so take a camera with you. A multi-purpose court suitable for sports like basketball and pickleball, and a tennis court are available. There are also a community garden and a food forest, and a dog off-leash area.
Pipers Lagoon Park

Pipers Lagoon Park

Pipers Lagoon Park is a waterfront park with Shack Island, the ocean, and Neck Point Park views. Stay there for sunrise and sunset, and don't miss watching the scene. The park is home to bird species and other animals, making it a perfect destination for wildlife photographers. Hiking and jogging, beachcombing, flying a kite, and doing water sports are other options.
Bowen Park

Bowen Park

It seems that all you need is available at Bowen Park; a waterfall, duck pond, wilderness and picnic areas, and lots of facilities and sports fields. The Millstone River passes through the park, where can be considered as your hiking trail. The duck pond and a beautiful rhododendron grove with more than 350 species are amusing. Be there for some exercise or relaxation in the woods.
Chinese Memorial Gardens Park

Chinese Memorial Gardens Park

Walking from the ferry terminal to downtown Nanaimo, you can find a beautiful small garden, Chinese Memorial Gardens Park. A small public park with full-grown shrubs and trees and gracious lawns performs as a relaxing spot. The painted, formed pagoda structure and carved stones decorated it. The scenery is eye-catching and is mainly used for the background of family portraits.
Neck Point Park

Neck Point Park

Neck Point Park is a beachfront park with some lookout spots where land meets the ocean. It is a popular choice for photography, hiking, scuba diving, and historic and scenic features. Fishing, paddling, and swimming are other options you have to entertain yourself. This waterfront park has awesome sea life; also, you can see bunnies very commonly.
Beach Estates Park

Beach Estates Park

If you plan to be away from urban life and spend hours in the woods watching wildlife and get relaxed, take a visit to Beach Estates Park, west of Departure Bay. With a beautiful designated hiking trail, Beach Estates Park is interesting for hikers and runners. The park's nature includes a lush forest with magnificent tall trees, a small river, a rocky beach, and Beach Estates Falls.
Westwood Lake Park

Westwood Lake Park

Silence is wiser than speech in nature. To get this atmosphere with a scenic view near Nanaimo and to have an excellent family time, Westwood Lake Park is a smart year-round choice. It is a perfect place with a playground for kids, an off-leash area, and a lifeguard patrolled freshwater swimming site. Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and boating are other adventures to take.
Maquinna Marine Provincial Park

Maquinna Marine Provincial Park

With a stunning coastline, Maquinna Marine Provincial Park is a remarkable wilderness area. It has spectacular scenery, a pristine environment and a gorgeous boardwalk. Taking a walk through its old-growth rainforest leads you to Tofino Hot Springs Cove. Wilderness camping, coastal hiking, sea kayaking, swimming, and wildlife viewing are among what you can expect at the park.
Goose Spit Park

Goose Spit Park

Goose Spit Park is a long narrow coastal park with a view of the Pacific Ocean and majestic mountains. Lots of driftwoods exist all over the beach. Have a nice walk on the long walkway to see lots of crab and starfish or find some sand dollars. Goose Spit Park offers excellent opportunities for water sports like swimming, kayaking, and surfing.
Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

Mother of nature is so generous when it comes to Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. With an old-growth Douglas-fir forest, the park features Cameron Lake, Little Qualicum Falls, and the Little Qualicum River. This stunning park offers a chance for excellent camping. The trails are made up of wooden stairs and gravel sections that lead to the falls making beautiful scenery for photography.
Race Rocks Ecological Reserve

Race Rocks Ecological Reserve

Race Rocks Ecological Reserve was established to preserve intertidal and subtidal communities that became very rich due to strong tidal currents. It features marine mammals like whales, sea lions and seals, birds like ducks, cormorants, black oyster-catchers and bald eagles. Fish species, marine invertebrates, and animals like marine algae and seagrass are among other inhabitants.
Mount Elliot Ecological Reserve

Mount Elliot Ecological Reserve

Located north of Woss, Mount Elliot Ecological Reserve has about 324 hectares (800 acres) area. It was established in 1989 to preserve representative old-growth montane forests and a small self-contained subalpine drainage, including Tsitika Lake, in its natural state. Nature observation, hiking and photography are permitted in Mount Elliot Ecological Reserve.
San Juan River Estuary Ecological Reserve

San Juan River Estuary Ecological Reserve

Located north of Sooke, the San Juan River Estuary Ecological Reserve was established in 1996 to protect the lower alluvial forest communities on the San Juan River flood plain. The ecological reserve's first aim is to preserve forest communities and rare sensitive plant species like Mimulus dentatus and Tooth-leaved monkeyflower.

Vancouver Island Parks

Due to its location along the ocean, Vancouver Island has several rivers and lakes, and the mild climate of the island has led to the emergence of Vancouver Island parks. You may not find an extensive area of green nature elsewhere in Canada as beautiful as Vancouver Island. Parks are natural attractions that are home to wildlife species. It is impressive to watch various birds, insects, and mammals while living freely in their habitat.
There are many parks on Vancouver Island, from the Cape Scott Provincial Park in the north to the East Sooke Regional Park in the south, from Elk Falls Provincial Park in the east to the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in the west. Vancouver Island parks have unique features, so all of them are important as Canada's heritage. You can find National ParksProvincial Parks, and Regional Parks on Vancouver Island. The nature and environment of the first and second types are protected according to Canadian law. The first one is under the federal government's protection, and the provincial government runs the second one.
If you are interested in nature photography, enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, or other family activities in a safe environment, we recommend Vancouver Island parks. Some of these parks, such as the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve with sandy beaches, provide you with the opportunity to sunbathe and relax or offer water sports. You can participate in festivals at Vancouver Island parks, like the Silly Boat Regatta at Maffeo Sutton Park. The oldest provincial park in British Columbia is Strathcona Provincial Park, also the largest park on Vancouver Island. Waterfalls, mountains, historic bridges, and caves are other attractions you can find at Vancouver Island parks.

Top 20 Parks on Vancouver Island

1. Pacific Rim National Park
2. Goldstream Provincial Park
3. Ruckle Provincial Park
4. Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park
5. Cape Scott Provincial Park
6. Tribune Bay Provincial Park
7. French Beach Provincial Park
8. Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park
9. Juan de Fuca Provincial Park
10. McMillan Provincial Park
11. Broughton Archipelago Marine Provincial Park
12. Neck Point Park
13. Elk Falls Provincial Park
14. Beacon Hill Park
15. Staratgona Provincial Park
16. Pipers Lagoon Park
17. Nymph Falls Nature Park
18. Sooke Potholes Provincial Park
19. Miracle Beach Provincial Park
20. East Sooke Regional Park

Top 10 Camping Parks on Vancouver Island

As many Vancouver Island parks offer excellent areas for camping, you have chances to watch the wildlife and have a fantastic time in nature with spectacular views. Considering safety tips and guidelines, make RV camping and setting up a tent possible at some of them. Here are the best camping parks on Vancouver Island.

1. French Beach Provincial Park
2. Rathtrevor Provincial Park
3. Goldstream Provincial Park
4. Jordan River Regional Park
5. Strathcona Provincial Park
6. Goldstream Provincial Park
7. Miracle Beach Provincial Park
8. Gordon Bay Provincial Park
9. Bamberton Provincial Park
10. Kitty Coleman Beach Provincial Park

Top Ten-Plus Kid-Friendly Parks on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island offers some of the best parks for children in Canada. The waterfront parks with beach access, wildlife viewing possibility, playground areas, and several facilities and things to do are available at the parks.
1. Bowen Park
2. Village Green
3. Cadboro-Gyro Park
4. Willows Park
5. Dick Murphy Park
6. MacMillan Provincial Park
7. Englishman River Falls Provincial Park
8. Rathrevor Beach Provincial Park
9. Goldstream Provincial Park
10. Miracle Beach Provincial Park
11. Cape Scott Provincial Park
12. Thetis Lake Regional Park
13. Coles Bay Regional Park
14. WildPlay Element Parks

Top 10 Waterfront Parks on Vancouver Island

Waterfront Parks have the potential for multiple purposes. You have several options in the same package; jungle, ocean, variety of wildlife, water-based and land-based activities, camping, hiking trails, and so on. The best waterfront parks of Vancouver Island are mentioned here.

1. Lochside Waterfront Park
2. French Beach Provincial Park
3. Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park
4. Island View Beach Provincial Park
5. Fillinger Waterfront Park 2
6. Kin Beach Provincial Park
7. Colwood Waterfront
8. Beach Estates Park
9. Cape Scott Provincial Park
10. Saratoga Beach Access Park

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Parks on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island dog parks allow you and your dog to do well-deserved exercise and fun. Spend perfect time together and let your dog enjoy playing, swimming, running, and companionship with others. Vancouver Island dog-friendly parks are like heaven for dogs. The best Vancouver Island dog-friendly parks are as follows.
1. Beban Park
2. Diver Lake Park
3. Seal Bay Park
4. Mack Laing Park
5. Goose Spit Park
6. Nymph Falls Nature Park
7. Agate Park
8. Clover Point Park
9. Dry Creek Park
10. Beaver Lake Off-Leash Area

Vancouver Island Parks Common Questions and Answers

Yes, there are two national parks, one on Gulf Island (The Gulf Islands National Park Reserve) and another on the west coast of Vancouver Island (Pacific Rim National Park Reserve).
There are many options for you to camp on Vancouver Island parks, such as provincial, national, or private parks, RV Parks, and Tent Parks.
Yes. There are many options for you to camp on Vancouver Island Parks, such as provincial, national, or private parks, RV Parks, and Tent Parks.
Usually, park gates are closed from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. This period is also considered "quiet time" in most parks. While you are at the parks, please respect other campers' right to enjoy a peaceful camping experience.
The maximum stay permitted at provincial parks of Vancouver Island is 14 days, per park, per calendar year.
Most parks and their trails have wheelchair accessibility.
According to the BC Parks Smoking Restrictions: In Provincial Parks and Protected Areas, smoking is only permitted within a designated front-country campsite or group campsite, occupied by a registered party or their guests. This restriction applies to the smoking and/or vaping of tobacco, cannabis, or other substances.
Goldstream Provincial Park, Ruckle Provincial Park, Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park, Cape Scott Provincial Park, Tribune Bay Provincial Park, Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, Strathcona Provincial Park, Broughton Archipelago Marine Provincial Park, and Pacific Rim National Park
Drinking water, pit toilets, picnic areas, and parking lots can be found at most Vancouver Island parks, but you can check each one for complete information.
According to No person shall possess or discharge a firearm, bows or crossbows in a park or recreation area except during an open season as specified under the Wildlife Act or as authorized.
According to the report, only two bear attacks occurred in the last 50 years on Vancouver Island, so the risk of bear attack is really low.
As mentioned, the risk of bear attack is very low, and bear spray may make you feel safer, but it really doesn't need that.
According to the Firewood Permits British Columbia, You should have a "Free Use Permit for Firewood," and that just for dead or downed trees, but more conditions should follow.
Open fire and campfires are prohibited in BC. Under the ban, Category 2 or 3 open fires will be prohibited. This includes any fire more than 0.5 meters (1.64 ft) high and 0.5 meters (1.64 ft) wide. Cookstoves and grills are also still allowed. You can read the complete information on the Fire Bans and Restrictions in British Columbia.
The location of Vancouver Island made an excellent opportunity for those who enjoy mountain parks. Activities like hiking, climbing, camping, mountain biking and watching the unique wildlife are possible in the area. The best mountain parks on Vancouver Islands include Nimpkish Lake Provincial Park, Sooke Mountain Provincial Parks, Sugarloaf Mountain Park, Cobble Hill Mountain Regional Recreation Area, Mquqᵂin/Brooks Peninsula Provincial Park, Schoen Lake Provincial Park and Notch Hill Park.

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