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Cape Beale Lighthouse

Cape Beale Lighthouse

The first lighthouse established in BC by the Canadian government is the original Cape Beale Lighthouse. It was constructed on the rugged cliffs of the Pacific Rim. The whole complex consists of the keeper's house and the lantern tower. Visitors can access this station by the hiking trail. The lantern tower is not open to the public, but you can enjoy the surroundings and the panoramic views.
Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site

Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site

A trail leads you to Fisgard Lighthouse NHS, the first lighthouse on the west coast of Canada. This historic lighthouse is still operating, but the entrance is not allowed. The keeper's house is open to the public which comprises wonderful exhibitions. There you can see shipwrecks, far-flung lights, storms, and the working equipment the lightkeepers used about a century ago.
Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

Do you want to find a happy ending for your hiking around Ucluelet? Ucluelet never falls short in attractions. As part of the Lighthouse Loop section of the Wild Pacific Trail, Amphitrite Point Lighthouse is a long-standing and the only active lighthouse nearby. It is an excellent choice with panoramic ocean views, but you can't go up to the lighthouse.

Vancouver Island Lighthouses

Since Vancouver Island is adjacent to the waters, you can find lighthouses in every corner of the island. Most of them have their own unique history. Among most see lighthouses on Vancouver Island is Fisgard Lighthouse in Victoria. It is Canada's oldest West Coast lighthouse which was built in 1860. Under Canadian law, historic lighthouses declared are protected, and they are part of the country's heritage. You can see these lighthouses on Vancouver Island's coastline, most of which are active and staffed.
Lighthouses are tall towers that use light, flashes, or coded aids for signals. They play an essential role in marine transport. Wherever you see lighthouses, you can expect adventures in that area. They are always used to guide ships, determine land limits, warn crews, and alert them about the existence of sandbars and rocks. Lighthouses are built above water levels to withstand weather conditions and tides. The lighthouse keeper, also known as the wickies, is responsible for maintaining the building and inspecting the equipment 24 hours a day. Modern lighthouses reduce many of the responsibilities of taking care of lighthouses, and most of the work is done automatically. You may have a tour inside a lighthouse and go up the stairs to the tower. The guide will explain the history, role, and function of each Vancouver Island lighthouse.
While you are near each of Vancouver Island lighthouses, you may be at the habitat of many animal species where bird and whale watching is possible. There you even have the chance of watching black bear and cougar.
Ways to access Vancouver Island lighthouses are different. Sometimes you have to cross the water to visit them. Even if you are passing the island on a ferry, you can have a landscape of some of Vancouver Island's lighthouses. So, they are excellent choices for you if you want to know about these historic sites and the environment.

Types of Lighthouses on Vancouver Island

Lighthouses are considering as one of the oldest landmarks on Vancouver Island. Most lighthouses are usually built from brick and will sometimes have steel reinforcements to help them stand up against the elements. The lighthouse types are classified as terrestrial or aquatic onshore or offshore types. The major construction types for historic lighthouses are wooden, steel, masonry, concrete, cast-iron plate and skeletal.

The most famous Lighthouses on Vancouver Island

Lighthouses and light stations are important tourist attractions and relics from previous eras. Vancouver Island is home to many lighthouses, but some of them are more famous than others. Here are the most stunning lighthouses on Vancouver Island:
1. Amphitrite Point Lighthouse
2. Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site
3. Sheringham Point Lighthouse
4. Langara Lighthouse
5. Portlock Point Lighthouse
6. Chrome Island Lighthouse
7. Cape Scott Lighthouse
8. Cape Mudge Lighthouse

Operative Lighthouses on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is located in the ocean side area, and there are many lighthouses in and around the island. Most of the lighthouses are active and flashing the light alternatively. The list of operative and active lighthouses are in the next part. Pay attention; some of them depend on their location, are not open to the public.
1. Sangster Island Lighthouse
2. Scarlett Point Light Station
3. Race Rocks Lighthouse
4. Portlock Point Lighthouse
5. Nootka Lighthouse
6. Mayne Island Lighthouse
7. Merry Island Lighthouse
8. Fisgard Lighthouse
9. Estevan Point
10. Entrance Island Lighthouse
11. Discovery Island Lighthouse
12. Carmanah Point Light Station
13. Cape Scott Lighthouse
14. Cape Beale Lighthouse
15. Ballenas Island Light
16. Amphitrite Point Lighthouse
17. Pulteney Point Lighthouse
18. Chrome Island Lighthouse
19. East Point Light
20. Georgina Point Heritage Park And Lighthouse

Reconstructed Lighthouses on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island lighthouses set at the entrance to beautiful bays and natural harbours, lighthouses have prevented ships from running aground for hundreds of years. These lighthouses were built many years ago, and almost all of them had reconstruction or were replaced by more effective onboard navigational systems. The other ones that remain are, for the most part, automated and boast more powerful lights and lenses than the beacons used in the past.

The oldest Lighthouses on Vancouver Island

The oldest lighthouses on Vancouver Island are respectively in the list: 
1. Fisgard Lighthouse (build in 1860)
2. Race Rocks Lighthouse (build in 1860)
3. Discovery Island Lighthouse (build in 18885)
4. Active Pass Lighthouse (build in 1885)
5. Chorme Island Lighthouse (build in 1890)
6. Merry Island Lighthouse (build in 1903)
7. Scarlett Point Lighthouse (build in 1905)
8. Trial Island Lighthouse (build in 1906)
9. Pachena Point Lighthouse (build in 1908)
10. Estevan Point Lighthouse (build in 1910)

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