McNeil Bay

McNeil Bay

McNeill Bay has plenty of benches along the seawall to sit and enjoy the landscape of Trial Island, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and Olympic Mountain. Do exciting water activities on McNeill Bay Beach and experience its wonderful esplanade and photogenic scenery. It is considered one of the fantastic off-leash dog beaches in Victoria.
Gonzales Bay

Gonzales Bay

Gonzales Bay is a small scenic bay with a crescent-shaped beach. Its sandy beach is often quiet and peaceful. Walking on the Gonzales Bay beach near the ocean can help to release the world's anxiety. Lie on the beach and see the peaks of Olympic Mountain and enjoy the Mediterrane climate. Dogs are allowed off-leash on the beach from September through May.
Nanoose Bay

Nanoose Bay

Nanoose Bay is known as a place to relax with its large pebble beach, somewhere between Nanaimo and Parksville. The scene is stunning, specifically in the evening when the sun meets the ocean. No matters how many times you visited the beach, it is always peaceful and attractive. Nanoose Bay is home to many sea animals, and the beach is perfect for digging up some clams.
Kanaka Bay

Kanaka Bay

Kanaka Bay is a gem on top of Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park. It has the best of what summer has to offer, a beautiful place to spend hours with your family. The beach is accessible by a short walk from the dock. The extensive picnic area and playground of Kanaka Bay are the sweet spots for children. Don't forget about water sports, and watching wildlife like raccoons.
Departure Bay Beach

Departure Bay Beach

Visiting Nanaimo, with various attractions, could be in any visitors' plan. After spending hours in the city, being at a beach can refresh your body and soul. Departure Bay Beach is an excellent choice to make a memorable day with your family with access to many services. Watching ferries and marine life are among the things you can do at Departure Bay Beach.
Cox Bay Beach

Cox Bay Beach

The beach is an excellent spot for challenging your talents out in the ocean and find happiness in salty waters. Cox Bay Beach is a great place for surfers also where you can do other water-based activities you desire. If you prefer walking beach to beach, start from Cox Bay Beach toward Chesterman Beach, one of the most visited beaches on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island Bays

A bay is a coastal waterbody that merges to a larger body of water, such as an ocean, a lake, or a different bay. Vancouver Island has several bays with high potentials for adventure. At each bay, you have chances to watch marine life, whether through diving or via zodiac, boat, ferry, kayak, or canoe. Departure Bay, Deep Bay, Florencia Bay, Sarita Bay, Cowichan Bay, Quait Bay, Tribune Bay, and Brentwood Bay are among the famous bays on Vancouver Island.
The beaches offer a family vacation. Beachcombing with children or making sandcastles would be memorable. As Vancouver Island bays are the gates to the Pacific Ocean, fishing in saltwater is recommended for various species. Some landmarks like Cox Bay Beach offer surf lessons and surf schools. Water-based activities, jogging, and hiking along the beach are other highlights. If you plan to visit Vancouver Island in fall and winter, storm watching is what you can expect at some bays. Departure Bay Beach in Nanaimo has access to ferries to explore coastal lines and nearby islands. Even services are provided to sail between Nanaimo and Horseshoe Bay (Vancouver).
Everywhere on Vancouver Island is surrounded by natural attractions. Start at one of Vancouver Island bays toward your ideal journey.

The Best Bays for Fishing on Vancouver Island

If you're looking for a fantastic fishing spot and a community obsessed with fishing, then look no further than Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island bays are not only gateways to the several waterways renowned for their fishing, but the bays and oceanfront towns have everything an angler needs. Here are the best bays for fishing on Vancouver Island.
1. Kelsay Bay
2. Oak Bay
3. Buckley Bay
4. Gonzales Bay
5. Galiano Bay
6. Nesook Bay
7. Florencia Bay
8. Fanny Bay

The Best Bays with Beach on Vancouver Island

Almost most Vancouver Island bays offer beaches where you can rest, take sunbathe, or enjoy beachcombing or water activities like surfing and storm watching. The best and most beautiful bays on Vancouver Island that offering beaches are as follows.
1. Gonzales Bay
2. McNeill Bay
3. Departure Bay
4. Cox Bay Beach
5. San Josef Bay
6. Nanoose Bay
7. Tribune Bay
8. Kanaka Bay

Bays with Ferry Terminals on Vancouver Island

BC Ferries is the most famous ferry service in British Columbia and offers round trip service to the mentioned bays on and around Vancouver Island.
1. Brentwood Bay
2. Mill Bay
3. Blubber Bay (Texada Island)
4. Descanso Bay (Gabriola Island)
5. Buckley Bay
6. Heriot Bay (Quadra Island)
7. Alert Bay (Cormorant Island)
8. Otter Bay (Pender Island)
9. Departure Bay
10. Village Bay (Mayne Island)
11. Sturdies Bay (Galiano Island)
12. Swarts Bay

Fish Species on Vancouver Island Bays

The water around Vancouver Island is rich and filled with trophy-sized salmon and halibut and snapper, cod, and more. The gentle currents and rich biodiversity make the island and water around it ideal for all types of saltwater fishing. There are plenty of water bodies to choose from, and bays are one of the best of them.

Vancouver Island Bays Common Questions and Answers