Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens

Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens

Point Ellice House Museum and Gardens is a place for history enthusiasts and gardens and interior design lovers. It is a 19th-century Victorian home and garden full of everything nostalgic to you. As one of Victoria's oldest homes, it is located overlooking the scenic and historic Selkirk Water/Gorge Waterway. It includes vegetables, cut flowers, a small fruit orchard, and a greenhouse.
Milner Gardens & Woodland

Milner Gardens & Woodland

Milner Gardens & Woodland is on the list of the top ten public gardens in Canada. It is among old-growth Douglas fir forest, on the edge of an oceanside bluff. The garden is well known for its rhododendrons in spring and Japanese maples in fall. Strolling through the wide walkways makes a great family time. Enjoy it and have tea in its traditional tea room.
Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens

Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens

Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens is a fantastic natural garden with delightful paths, a creek, and great open spaces. It is home to plenty of native plants, wildflowers, and birds. The garden features one of the largest collections of rhododendrons in Western Canada, with over 3000 plantings. The best time to visit is from March to the end of June when the rhododendrons are in full bloom.
Abkhazi Garden

Abkhazi Garden

The exotic flora, Japanese Maples, native Garry oaks, splendid rhododendrons of Abkhazi Garden makes it a must to visit when you are in Victoria. Walking and frolicking through this peaceful garden is delightful, especially in the spring and summer, when the flowers are blooming. The pond is full of turtles and Koi, and there is a teahouse perfect for afternoon tea.
Finnerty Gardens

Finnerty Gardens

Finnerty Gardens is a woodland garden in Victoria. With more than 500 species, it has one of Canada's best and largest collections of rhododendrons. Finnerty Gardens has wide trails with lots of room for everyone, even on busy days. This botanical garden is open year-round, with paths, ponds, and benches but the best time to visit is May or April.
Tofino Botanical Gardens

Tofino Botanical Gardens

If you are interested in nature and culture, Tofino Botanical Gardens is a chance to learn. Strolling along waterside trails and watching beautiful plants is a great opportunity. Besides walking through stone paths and boardwalks, the herb and flower gardens give you a unique sense of freshness. Attending educational programs about the area's ecosystem is another choice you have.
Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Did you get fascinated before by a beautiful place that makes you stand steel? The pleasure of watching colourful butterflies from various spices and other creatures in a beautiful garden, the smell which lifts your mood, and the fresh air all feel like you are in a dreamland. If you love walking through a tropical area and are tired of boring visits, don't skip Victoria Butterfly Gardens.
The Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens

Visiting the Butchart Gardens is an outstanding experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Being in a dreamy atmosphere where colours surround you would refresh your soul. This colourful display is a gem in Victoria, designated by the National Historic Sites of Canada, with a landscape of flowers, trees, grass, sculptures, and fountains.

Vancouver Island Gardens

Gardens are home to trees and flowers that take on new colours by changing seasons. Imagine the blooms, foliage, grasses, herbs, trees, and shrubs that carpet rainbows on the ground. You can have a visit to Vancouver Island gardens if you are fascinated by nature's extraordinary aesthetic senses. Wherever you look, you can see the diversity of plants, and the design features, that have given beauty to Vancouver Island gardens. Whether you are looking for family gardens or public gardens, you will find them on Vancouver Island. You can explore at Botanical Gardens, Cultural Gardens, or even at National Historic Sites.
Victoria is home to many gardens on Vancouver Island as its mild climate is suitable all year round for flowers to thrive. While you are in the city, visit the Butchart Gardens, the most famous garden on Vancouver Island, with about one million visitors a year. It is also among the best botanical gardens in BC. Abkhazi Garden is a small gem on Vancouver Island. Victoria Butterfly Gardens is a fantastic destination for tourists who love walking through a tropical jungle. It is a famous destination for its various butterflies, moths, tropical plants, birds, fish, and reptiles. But the beauty of Victoria's gardens isn't the only eye-catching scene you can have. Vancouver Island features fantastic gardens in Nanaimo, Comox, Qualicum Beach, and other areas. Milner Gardens & Woodland is among the top ten public gardens in Canada. Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens is home to plenty of native plants, wildflowers and birds. It features one of the largest collections of rhododendrons in Western Canada, with over 3000 plantings. Tofino Botanical Gardens is something that you would probably experience nowhere else. By strolling along waterside trails in the gardens and watching beautiful plants, you will touch nature.
With moderate climate conditions, Vancouver Island gardens have something you can share at any time of the year. By the way, keep in mind that some of these gardens are not open all year round, and you can only visit them on weekends. Please be aware of the opening times.

Type of Gardens on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island offers many beautiful gardens divided into butterfly gardens, botanical gardens, zoology gardens, and historic gardens. You can find different collections in each, like flowers, sculptures, birds, insects, etc.

Top Ten-Plus Gardens on Vancouver Island

1. The Butchart Gardens
2. Milner Gardens & Woodland
3. Victoria Butterfly Garden
4. Wildwood Waterscape
5. Tofino Botanical Garden
6. The Garden at HCP
7. The Garden on Anderton
8. Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens
9. Butterfly World Coombs
10. Finnerty Gardens
11. Paradise Plants Garden Centre
12. Ronning's Garden

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Gardens on Vancouver Island

All Vancouver Island gardens are suitable for family members, from kids to elders, and even wheelchair users will experience accessible excursions in the gardens. But some of them are more suitable and attractive for children. These gardens are as follows:
1. Victoria Butterfly Gardens
2. The Butchart Gardens
3. Abkhazi Garden
4. Japanese Garden
5. Ronning's Garden
6. Rose Garden
7. Gardens on Anderton
8. Lokier Garden
9. Tofino Botanical Garden
10. Finnerty Gardens

Vancouver Island Gardens Common Questions and Answers

Butterfly gardens, botanical gardens, zoology gardens, and historical gardens are the common types on Vancouver Island. The gardens may include different collections such as herbs, flowers, sculptures, birds, insects, reptiles, and invertebrates.
Due to the climate of Vancouver Island, gardens in each season have something new and beautiful to offer.
Yes, dogs are allowed in gardens but must be kept on a leash, and you are responsible for their behaviour.
Yes. Some fantastic butterfly gardens on Vancouver Island include Victoria Butterfly Gardens and Butterfly World in Coombs.
Yes, there are many zen gardens on Vancouver Island and the Japanese Garden in Victoria is one of the best of them.
Yes, there are many rose gardens on Vancouver Island, most of them located near Victoria city.
The Butchart Gardens is a floral display garden in Brentwood Bay, near Victoria. It considers as the largest garden on Vancouver Island.
It depends on you, but maybe dedicating 4 hours is enough for the largest one (Butchart Gardens).
Yes, almost all Vancouver Island gardens have wheelchair accessibility.
Yes, visiting Vancouver Island gardens is a family-friendly activity and is suitable for all ages.

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